All glory to the gospel of Free Grace!

(Henry Law, "The Raven" 1869)

Christ is the sum and substance of the Bible!

Christ . . .
  accepted of God.

Christ wondrous in His person, the mighty
God, therefore infinitely glorious to save.

Christ loving from everlasting to
everlasting, with love knowing . . .
  no origin,
  no end,
  no intermission,
  no degrees;
with love always . . .
  unchangeably the same,

Christ hanging on the accursed tree, laying
down His life a sufficient ransom price.

Christ by His death . . .
  closing the gates of hell,
  quenching God's fiery wrath,
  paying all demands,
  satisfying every claim,
  glorifying every attribute,
  washing out each crimson stain of all His ransomed flock.

Christ gloriously fulfilling every iota of the glorious
Law, saying to each command, 'I fully have obeyed';
and then transferring the vicarious obedience, as
divine righteousness, to His bride the Church, as
her robe for heaven; her luster in the courts above.

Christ purchasing the Holy Spirit, and sending
Him to bless the Church with all His powers . . .
  to teach,
  to sanctify,
  to comfort,
  to adorn,
  to beautify.

Christ rising from the grave, a proof that God is
satisfied, and all redemption fully earned; a pledge
that the ransomed in their turn shall put on the
beauties of a resurrection body, worthy of a
resurrection state.

Christ ascending . . .
  to the right hand of the Majesty on high;
  representing all His people in Himself;
  bearing their names upon His heart;
  receiving all gifts for them;
  pouring down all blessings on them.

Christ coming . . .
  to institute a glorious reign,
  to change the living,
  to raise the dead,
  to execute eternal judgment,
  to fill all heaven with glory,
  to awaken the eternal song of never ending hallelujahs!

O my soul, what a flood of tidings of great joy!

All things are yours!

The world!

Things present!

Things to come!

All are yours!

All glory to the gospel of Free Grace!