The little firefly

(John MacDuff, "The Story of Naaman the Syrian")

"And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to
 one of these little ones because he is My disciple,
 I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his
 reward." Matthew 10:42

God is glorified by obedience to His will in LITTLE things.
They most glorify God
, who, without the often false
incentive of outward and ulterior motives, gladly perform
their humble, unostentatious deeds and services--which
are unacknowledged and unapplauded by the world. Such,
assuredly, will not be unowned or rejected by the Great
Recompenser, because they have nothing better or
costlier to offer.

Motive is everything with the omniscient Heart-searcher!
And He is satisfied, if we fulfill with a good conscience our
apportioned place and lot, however lowly that may be.

The little firefly, illuminating its little sphere, is one of the
tiniest lamps in God's magnificent Temple of night--a mere
'glimmering spark' compared with the nobler Altar-fires of
moon and stars, in the same great sanctuary. But that
tiny insect is content to shine with the luster assigned to
it, in its humble place in the universe--and the Creator is
glorified by it.

"She has done what she could," is the divine word of
approval. The 'widow's mite' and the 'cup of cold water'
are owned and accepted by God. And the 'intention' and
'desire' would be accepted, if there were no mite and
no cup to give.