Invincibly and irresistibly drawn

(J. C. Philpot, "True Discipleship", 1869)

As the Lord is pleased to enlighten
his mind, the Christian sees . . .

  such a beauty,
  such a blessedness,
  such a heavenly sweetness,
  such a divine loveliness,
  such a fullness of surpassing grace,
  such tender condescension,
  such unwearied patience,
  such infinite compassion,
in the Lord of life and glory—that he is as
if invincibly and irresistibly drawn by these
attractive influences to come to His feet to
learn of Him. So far as the Lord is pleased to
reveal Himself in some measure to his soul,
by the sweet glimpses and glances which he
thus obtains of His Person and countenance,
he is drawn to His blessed Majesty by cords
of love to look up unto Him and beg of Him
that He would drop His word with life and
power into his heart.