Beset with many difficulties

(Letters of William Tiptaft)

The way to heaven is narrow, and beset with many
, and we, at times, are almost sorry that
we ever ventured out, especially when we keep
continually meeting with the lions in the way!

But nothing so much checks and stops us as vile self!
It cleaves to everything on the way, and wants so
often to turn us out of the way.

Also, the ear is not deaf to the alluring and enticing
invitation of Demas to look into the silver mine! Blessed
are they who are only allowed to look in. For, alas! how
many glaring professors and speedy travelers to Zion,
who have been brave companions on the way for a time,
have stopped short at that mine, and never could be
seen beyond it!

Our hearts are very closely knit with everything that the
world loves and admires. David said, "My soul cleaves to
the dust;" and so do all God's children say it now, at
times, if they know the plague of their own hearts.