Five devilisms!

("Reconciliation by Death, and Salvation by Life"
Preached at Providence Chapel, Eden Street, London,
on Tuesday Evening, July 30, 1850, by J. C. Philpot)

As regards sin in its workings, we may say
there are five devilisms from which we need
to be saved . . .

1. The GUILT of sin.

2. The FILTH of sin.

3. The LOVE of sin.

4. The DOMINION of sin.

5. The PRACTICE of sin.

1. We need the application of Christ's precious blood
to our conscience, to take away the guilt of sin.

2. We need the Spirit of Christ to sanctify and
to wash the soul in the fountain, to cleanse
from the filth of sin.

3. We need the love of Christ shed abroad in
our hearts, to take away the love of sin.

4. We need the power of Christ, to rescue
us from the dominion of sin.

5. We need  the grace of Christ, to preserve
us from the practice of sin.

It is feeling sin in its various workings, which
makes us value Christ! Strange mysterious way!
O, strange path! that to be exercised with sin,
is the path to the Savior!

Very painful, very mysterious, very inexplicable
--that the more you feel yourself a wretched,
miserable sinner; the more you long after Jesus,
who is able to save you to the uttermost!

Thus, we shall find that we need all that Christ is.
For we are no little sinners; and He is no little Savior!

We are great sinners!

He is a Savior--and a great one!

"He is able to save to the uttermost!" Hebrews 7:25