As a little helpless child

(Mary Winslow)

Who can subdue sin in us but Jesus? I might
as well attempt to remove mountains as to
reason away one corruption of my fallen nature.
But if we, the moment we detect it, carry it to
Jesus—He will do it all for us.

This is one of the most difficult lessons to learn in
the school of Christ. I am but just beginning to learn
it—and therefore I am placed in the youngest class,
traveling to Jesus more as a little helpless child—for
Him to do all for and all in me. My imagined strength
is all vanished—my boasted reason turned into folly,
and now, thus living on Christ in childlike simplicity,
my peace, joy, and consolation are past expression.

Oh, the love—the matchless love of Jesus to a poor
sinner lying thus at His dear feet—waiting to receive
a welcoming smile beaming from His countenance.

Dear friend, keep close to Him. Let not the world
or its cares come between you and Christ.