Who can come out of the battle alive?

(J. C. Philpot, "The Word of God's Grace" 1846)

"Hold me up, and I shall be safe!" Ps. 119:117

We know little of ourselves, and less
of one another. We do not know . . .
  our own needs,
  what is for our good,
  what snares to avoid,
  what dangers to shun.

Our path is . . .
  bestrewed with difficulties,
  beset with temptations,
  surrounded with foes,
  encompassed with perils.

At every step there is a snare!

At every turn an enemy lurks!

Pride digs the pit,
carelessness blindfolds the eyes,
carnality drugs and intoxicates the senses,
the lust of the flesh seduces,
the love of the world allures,
unbelief paralyzes the fighting hand and the praying knee,
sin entangles the feet,
guilt defiles the conscience,
and Satan accuses the soul.

Under these circumstances, who can come out of
the battle alive?
Only he who is kept by the mighty
power of God. "Hold me up, and I shall be safe!"