The A and the Z

(by DeWitt Talmage)

Christ is the A and the Z of the Christian ministry.

A sermon that has no Christ is a dead failure. The
minister who devotes his pulpit to anything but Christ
is an impostor. Whatever great themes we may discuss,
Christ must be the beginning and Christ the end.

A sermon given up to sentimental and flowery
speech is as a straw flung to a drowning sailor.

What the world needs is to be told in the most
direct way of Jesus Christ, who comes to save
men from eternal damnation.

Christ the Light,
Christ the Sacrifice,
Christ the Rock,
Christ the Star,
Christ the Balm,
Christ the Guide.
If a minister should live one thousand years,
and preach ten sermons each day, these
subjects would not be exhausted.

Do you find men tempted?
Tell them of Christ the Shield.

Or troubled? Tell them of Christ the Comfort.

Or guilty? Tell them of Christ the Pardon.

Or dying? Tell them of Christ the Life.

Scores of ministers, yielding to the demands
of the age for elegant rhetoric, and soft speech,
and flattering terms, have surrendered their
pulpits to the devil.

May Christ be the subject of our talk;
Christ the inspiration of our prayers;
Christ the theme of our songs;
Christ now, and Christ forever!

Philosophy is nothing;
denominations nothing;
conferences nothing;
assemblies nothing;
ourselves nothing,