Things that even the angels desire to look into!

(J. C. Philpot, "Meditations on First Peter")

"These are things that even the angels desire
 to look into!
" 1 Peter 1:12

To the carnal, earthly, debased, degraded mind
of man, the mystery of the Person of Christ, of
the cross, of the sufferings, blood-shedding, and
death of Jesus, whereby He put away sin by the
sacrifice of Himself--is foolishness. He sees no
beauty, blessedness, or glory in the Person of the
Son of God, nor any wisdom or grace in atoning
blood and dying love.

But not so with these bright and pure beings!
They see in the Person and work of Christ not only
the depths of infinite wisdom in the contrivance of
the whole plan of redemption, and of power in its
execution and full accomplishment; but they see
such lengths, breadths, depths, and heights of love
as fill their minds with holy wonder, admiration and
praise. They see in His incarnation, humiliation,
sufferings, blood-shedding, and death--such
unspeakable treasures of mercy and grace as
ever fill their minds with wonder and admiration.

What shame and confusion should cover our face
that we should see so little beauty and glory in
that redeeming blood and love, which fills the pure
minds of the angelic beings with holy and unceasing
admiration--and that they should be ever seeking
and inquiring into this heavenly mystery, that they
may discover in it ever new and opening treasures
of the wisdom, grace, mercy, truth, and love of God
--when we who profess to be redeemed by precious
blood, are, for the most part, so cold and indifferent
in the contemplation and admiration of it.