The afflictions of the ungodly

(Letters of J. C. Philpot)

"It was good for me to be afflicted." Psa. 119:71

There is a great difference between the
afflictions of the godly, and the afflictions
of the ungodly

To the godly afflictions are a blessing;
but to the ungodly afflictions are a curse.

Afflictions soften the heart of the godly;
but they harden the heart of the ungodly.

In the case of the godly, afflictions . . .
  stir up the grace of prayer,
  wean the heart from the world,
  bring us to Word of God,
  make us consider our latter end,
  give power and reality to divine things,
  show us the emptiness of all creature religion,
  make us look more simply and believingly to
the blessed Lord, to feel how suitable He is to
every want and woe; and that in Him, and in
Him alone, is pardon, acceptance, and peace.

But the afflictions of the ungodly only produce . . .
  self-pity, and