A feast for the worms!

(Thomas Boston, "Death")

"Like sheep, they are led to the grave,
 where death will be their shepherd.
 Their bodies will rot in the grave,
 far from their grand estates." Psalm 49:14

Do not value yourselves on your BEAUTY, which
"rots in the grave."  Remember the change which
death makes on the fairest face, "You always
overpower them, and then they pass from the
scene. You disfigure them in death and send
them away." Job 14:20.

Death makes the greatest beauty so loathsome,
that it must be buried out of sight!

And what though the body be gorgeously arrayed?

The finest clothes are but badges of our sin and
shame; and in a little time will be exchanged for
a shroud, when the body will become a feast for
the worms!