To love a worm!

(Spurgeon, "The Joy of the Lord" #1027)

Does it not make a man glad to know that
though once his sins had provoked the Lord,
they are now all blotted out, not one of them
remains; though once he was estranged from
God, and far off from him by wicked works,
yet he is made near by the blood of Christ.

The Lord is no longer an angry judge pursuing
us with a drawn sword; but a loving Father into
whose bosom we pour our sorrows, and find
ease for every pang of heart.

Oh, to know, that God actually loves us!

I have often told you I cannot preach upon that
theme, for it is a subject to muse upon in silence,
a matter to sit by the hour together and meditate

The Infinite, to love . . .
  an insignificant creature,
  an ephemera of an hour,
  a shadow that declines!

Is not this a marvel?

For God to pity me I can understand. For God
to condescend to have mercy upon me I can
comprehend. But for Him to love me; for the
pure One to love a sinner, for the infinitely
great One to love a worm
, is matchless, a
miracle of miracles!