(Henry Law, "Numbers" 1858)

Earth is affliction's home.

A troop of sorrows compass us about.

Tears stream.

The bosom sighs.

The brow is furrowed by the lines of care and worry.

Death tears away the much loved friend.

Sickness invades the frame.

The home is desolate.

The table is destitute.

We look to the right hand, and there is trouble;
on the left, and still fresh troubles frown.

But heaven is a wide sea of bliss without a ripple.

All tears are wiped away.

All faces beam with one enraptured smile.

All lips confess, 'The cup of happiness overflows'.

We bathe in oceans of delight.

In heaven . . .
  sin is shut out;
  temptations banished;
  fears buried in an unfathomable grave;
  sorrow and unbelief have fled away;
  knowledge is perfect;
  our souls are purity;
  our bodies are imperishable beauty;
  we completely share the glory of our all glorious Lord.

Jesus is the crown of heaven! This is the
pinnacle of bliss! The revelation of the Lord,
without one intervening cloud, is the grand
glory of the endless kingdom.
Heaven is full
heaven, because Christ shines there exactly
as He is; seen and admired by every eye.

In heaven Jesus ever stands conspicuous
in one undiminishable blaze!

Believer, what will it be to gaze on the
manifested beauty of Him, who is so
altogether lovely!

What! to read clearly all the deep
mysteries of His redeeming will!

What! to dive down to the vast
depths of His unfathomable heart!

What! to fly upward to the very
summit of His boundless love!

What! to trace clearly all His
dealings in providence and grace!

What! to comprehend all that Jesus is!

What! never to lose sight of
Him; no, not for a moment!

What! to be ever drinking fresh
raptures from His present smile!

What! to feel, that this joy is mine forever!

This! this is heaven!