There are many tyrants!

(Henry Law, "Leviticus

"If the Son shall make you free, you
 shall be free indeed." John 8:36.

Each soul, apart from Jesus, is a poor slave.

There are many tyrants, and their yoke is hard.

SATAN enchains the heart, and drags His
vassals to vile service. They have no will;
no power, to resist. By nature all lie
prostrate at Satan's feet.

But Jesus wrestles with this cruel tyrant,
hurls him from his throne, breaks his
scepter, and gives him a death wound.

This vile WORLD, also, a foul tyrant.

Its smiles allure.

Its frowns deter.

Its fashions force compliance.

Its laws exact submission.

It drives its millions to a slavish toil.

But when Jesus unmasks this monster's
hideous filth; when He reveals the beauties
of the Gospel; then the chain snaps, the
tyrant is loathed, and its debasing ways
are shunned. The Gospel sets free from
the world's snares.