(David Harsha, "Come to the Savior")

Time is a stream which is rapidly bearing
us all to the boundless ocean of eternity!

Let us ask again, with all seriousness,

I asked an aged man, a man of cares,
Wrinkled, and curved, and white with hoary hairs;
"Time is the warp of life," he said, "Oh tell,
The young, the fair, the gay, to weave it well!"

I asked the ancient, venerable dead,
Sages who wrote, and warriors who bled;
From the cold grave a hollow murmur flowed,
"Time sowed the seed we reap in this abode!"

I asked a dying sinner, before the tide
Of life had left his veins: "Time!" he replied;
"I've lost it! ah, the treasure!" and he died.

I asked the golden sun and silver spheres,
Those bright chronometers of days and years;
They answered, "Time is but a meteor glare,"
And bids us for Eternity prepare.

I asked the Seasons, in their annual round,
Which beautify or desolate the ground;
And they replied (no oracle more wise),
"Tis folly's blank, and wisdom's highest prize!"

I asked a lost spirit, but oh, the shriek
That pierced my soul! I shudder while I speak!
It cried, "a particle! a speck! a mite
Of endless years, duration infinite!"

I asked my Bible and it said,
"Time is the present hour, the past is fled;
Live! live today! tomorrow never yet
On any living being rose or set!"

I asked Old Father Time himself at last;
But in a moment he flew swiftly past–
His chariot was a cloud, the viewless wind
His noiseless steeds; which left no trace behind.

I asked a mighty angel, who shall stand
One foot on sea, and one on solid land;
"By Heaven," he cried, "I swear the mystery's o'er;
"Time was," he cried, "but Time shall be no more!"

Let us ask again, with all seriousness, WHAT IS TIME?

Time is the path to GLORY, or the path to HELL!