He sits on the calm throne of eternal serenity!

(Henry Law, "The Gospel in Exodus")

Jesus cannot change. He is as constant as
He is great. As surely as He ever lives, so
surely He ever lives the same. He sits on
the calm throne of eternal serenity!

Change is the defect of things below.

Our brightest morn often ends in storm.

Summer's radiance gives place to winter's gloom.

The smiling flower soon lies withered.

The babbling brook is soon a parched channel.

The friend who smiled, smiles
no more friendly welcomes.

Bereavement weeps where once the
family beamed with domestic joy.

Gardens wither into deserts.

Babylons crumble into unsightly ruins.

On all things a sad inscription writes . . .

Time flaps a ceaseless wing, and from
its wings, decay and death drop down.

But Jesus sits high above all this. He is 'the
same yesterday, and today, and forever.'

The love of Jesus is in perpetual bloom. It is
always in summertime. The roots are deeply
buried in Himself; therefore the branches cannot
fade. Believer, drink hourly of this cup of joy.

Christ loved you fully when, in the councils
of eternity, He received you into His heart.

He loved you truly when, in the fullness of
time, He took upon Himself your curse, and
drained your hell deep dues.

He loved you tenderly when He showed
you, by the Spirit, His hands and His feet,
and whispered to you that you were His.

He loves you faithfully while He ceases not
to intercede in your behalf, and to scatter
blessings on your soul.

He will love you intensely in heaven when
you are manifested as His precious purchase
and crowned as His bride!