That Heavenly Teacher

(Philpot, "Daily Words for Zion's Wayfarers")

We do not learn that we are sinners merely
by reading it in the Bible. It must be wrought,
I might say, burnt into us.

Nor will anyone sincerely and spiritually cry for
mercy, until sin is spiritually felt and known . . .
  in its misery,
  in its dominion,
  in its guilt,
  in its entanglements,
  in its wiles and allurements,
  in its filth and pollution, and
  in its condemnation.

Where the Holy Spirit works, He kindles . . .
  wrestlings, and
to know Christ, feel His love, taste the efficacy
of His atoning blood, and embrace Him as all
our salvation and all our desire.

And though there may, and doubtless will be,
much barrenness, hardness, deadness, and
apparent carelessness often felt; still that
heavenly Teacher
will revive His work, though
often by painful methods; nor will He let the
quickened soul rest short of a personal and
experimental enjoyment of Christ and His
glorious salvation.