No  spot!

(Henry Law, "The Song of Solomon" 1879)

"You are all beautiful, My love; there is
 no spot in you." Song of Solomon 4:1

There is no spot in the Church, because the
blood of Jesus entirely obliterates each stain.

Omniscience may look for sins, but no more
can they be found. The absence of defect is
the result of her being adorned with His perfect
righteousness. In this no blemish can exist.
Thus she appears righteous, even as God is

This blessed truth must be held fast without
obliterating the knowledge of our own constant
and innumerable transgressions. It cannot be
too often repeated, that in ourselves we are
deformed and loathsome.

The most saintly of saints will ever breathe
the prayer, "God be merciful to me a sinner."

But Jesus says of His people, "You are all
beautiful, My love; there is no spot in you."