Sin grasps each mother's son in its vile arms

(Henry Law, "Forgiveness of Sins" 1875)

Sin is inborn. It is a hereditary disease.

The seeds of every evil are innate in each heart.

Let this monster now be boldly faced
. . .
let its hideous features be narrowly scrutinized;
let it be stripped of its deceiving mask;
let the cheating tinsel disappear;
let it be viewed in its naked deformity;
let its essence and character, and work,
    and guilt be traced unsparingly.

Sin grasps each mother's son in its vile arms,
and stops not its assaults while time endures.

Sin moves with the mind's first movement;
in the cradle it begins to stir.

Sin grows with man's growth; it
walks beside him in his every path.

Sin adheres as the very skin, and
lingers in each dying chamber.

There is no lofty dwelling, and no lowly hut,
which sin does not frequent. There is no period
of day or night which can repel its step.

Sin is a universal and life long plague!

Let it be repeated, that each natural
heart is from the cradle, a hive of sin!

Why is this dark picture thus exhibited?

There is no intent to leave any trembling,
dismayed, cast down, fast bound in shackles
of despair. The true desire is to show in lovelier
form the Gospel's smile; and to win readier
acceptance for the tidings, "But the Lord our
God is merciful and forgiving, even though we
have rebelled against Him." Daniel 9:9

Sin's vile brand is upon all; but to all
the Gospel comes, with cheering voice.

A way is opened, in which, without infringement
of any holy attribute, He can pardon, restore to
favor, and remit sin's curse. Full, free, complete,
everlasting forgiveness has come forth from the
courts of heaven!

This forgiveness of sins is the cornerstone
and glory of the Gospel. Gaining validity
through Christ's death, the Gospel . . .
  remits all penalties of the believer,
  abrogates all demands,
  relaxes all bonds,
  cancels all debts,
  blots out every accusing charge,
  silences all threats,
  blunts every weapon of wrath,
  extracts the sting of vengeance,
  averts all miseries,
  removes all apprehensions,
  opens the prison doors,
  loosens all chains,
  closes hell,
  makes a straight path to heaven,
  and crowns an innumerable multitude
     with blessings of celestial favor!