This wily devil!

(Joseph Philpot, "Daily Words for Zion's Wayfarers")

What a foe to one's peace is one's own spirit!
What shall I call it? It is often an infernal spirit.
Why? Because it bears the mark of Satan upon it.

The pride of our spirit,
the presumption of our spirit,
the hypocrisy of our spirit,
the intense selfishness of our spirit,
are often hidden from us.

This wily devil, SELF, can wear such
masks and assume such forms!

This serpent, SELF, can so creep and crawl,
can so twist and turn, and can disguise itself
under such false appearances, that it is often
hidden from ourselves.

Who is the greatest enemy we have to fear? We all
have our enemies. But who is our greatest enemy?

He whom you carry in your own bosom; your daily,
hourly, and unmovable companion, who entwines
himself in nearly every thought of your heart; who . . .
  sometimes puffs up with pride,
  sometimes inflames with lust,
  sometimes inflates with presumption, and
  sometimes works under pretend humility and fleshly holiness.

God is determined to stain the pride of human glory.
He will never let SELF, (which is but another word for
the creature,) wear the crown of victory. It must be
crucified, denied, and mortified.