If the world satisfies you?

(The following was written by Whitmore Winslow
at the age of 14. It was gleaned from his journal,
which was unknown to his family, until found
among his papers after his death, at the age of 21)

No being knows the trials I have undergone the past
week, but Jesus. And as He only knows, so He only
can help me through.

I have felt such a willingness to die! a feeling that
death would be no dreadful thing to me, having a
wish to leave this more dreadful world. But painful,
yet no less blessed trial has done it all.

And oh, may I be able from my heart to thank God
for having made the world my enemy, and Christ
my Friend!

But mark this: if the world does not suit you, you
will be sure to have a welcome in heaven. But if the
world satisfies you
, hell will be the most adapted
to receive you.