Potsherds of earth covered with silver dross?

(Thomas Reade, "Christian Meditations")

True religion is seated in the heart.

The understanding may be well furnished
with Gospel truth, and yet the heart remain
destitute of Gospel grace.

A man may have very clear notions of the
doctrines of grace, but if the grace of those
doctrines does not influence his heart, and
shine forth in a holy life, all his knowledge
will profit him nothing.

A person may speak well and fluently upon
religion; and yet be quite dead to the power
of that Gospel, on which he speaks so well.

Something more is requisite to form the true
Christian than 'head knowledge' and religious

Many who now shine in their circle of religious
friends, will, at last, be found no better than
potsherds of earth covered with silver dross.

A person, living in a round of external duties,
may be esteemed first by many who look only
at the outward appearance, while he is viewed
as last by the Searcher of hearts.

A talkative forward professor may attract attention,
and gain admirers; but it is the humble, meek, self
denying believer, who studiously avoids all public
notice, while he is laboring with all his might to
advance the interests of the Gospel, that will be
owned by Jesus in that great day, when true faith
will be made manifest by its genuine fruits.