Mysteries and perplexities

(John MacDuff, "Hospice of the Pilgrim" 1891)

"Your heavenly Father knows that you
 have need of all these things." Matt. 6:32

What a rest is this for weary, burdened wayfarers!

It is the assurance not only of a 'needs be'
in whatever befalls them; but that all are
the appointments of their heavenly Father.

"Your heavenly Father!" With tender care
for the minute and lowly, He . . .
  makes grass to grow for the cattle,
  pencils the flower,
  sculptures the snow wreath,
  watches the sparrows fall,
  and feeds the young ravens.

The unslumbering Shepherd keeps watch and
ward continually, whether under the infinite blue
of day, or under night with its starry galaxies.

Though mysteries and perplexities are on every
side, yet we can rely on the assurance that His are
no arbitrary dealings, swayed by caprice, marked
and misdirected by human blindness and ignorance;
but the dictates of unerring wisdom and of
unchanging everlasting love.

Mark the Savior's words. They are not "My heavenly
Father;" but "your heavenly Father." He would have
each child to know His individual, particular affection
and pity; and, despite baffling providences, to cleave
to the unforgetting love of God.

All which befalls His people is meted out by
One who is too kind to mingle an unnecessary
or superfluous drop in their cup of sorrow.

"This is the resting place, let the weary rest.
 This is the place of repose." Isaiah 28:12