The great law of our degenerated nature.

(John MacDuff, "The Mind of Jesus" 1870)

"For even Christ did not please Himself."
    Romans 15:3

Too legibly are the characters written on the fallen
heart and a fallen world, "All seek their own!"

Selfishness is the great law of our degenerated nature.

When the love of God was dethroned from the soul,
SELF vaulted into the vacant seat, and there, in
some one of its Proteus shapes, continues to reign.

Jesus stands out for our imitation a grand
solitary exception in the midst of a world of
selfishness. His entire life was one abnegation
; a beautiful living embodiment of that
love which "seeks not her own."

Reader! Seek to live more constantly and habitually
under the constraining influence of the love of Jesus.

Selfishness withers and dies beneath Calvary!