The silly moth is caught!

(Henry Law, "Deuteronomy" 1858)

Why is this world such a wide sea of evil?

Why do earth's multitudes roll so easily to hell?

The tastes of the mass of the human race are
groveling and vile. They only care to sip the
vulgar cup of time and sense. Their sin soiled
garments and polluted feet prove, that they
wallow in defiling mire.

See the worldling.

A temptation meets him.

A gilded bait allures.

A sweet indulgence opens its inviting arms.

What follows?

The silly moth is caught!

Pleasure whispers, "Come and partake."
Desire acquiesces. Nature surrenders.

Thus Satan leads his crowds down misery's
downward slope.
Quickly; easily; they glide
along. The rolling pebble has no power to stop.
The downhill torrent is incapable of turning.

To them, liberty is unknown. The clash of
heavy chains attests their bondage. Satan
drags them; and they must obey. The world
gives laws; they tremblingly submit. They
crouch the slaves of many an insulting tyrant.