Mercy surpassing all wonders!

(David Harsha, "The Death of Christ")

Through eternity it will be a matter of the greatest
wonder, as well as the sweetest and most sublime
song, that the great God, the high and lofty One
who inhabits eternity; whom we had by wicked works
so highly offended; should ever have 'reconciled us
to Himself by Jesus Christ;' and condescended to
dwell with us who were once so vile, and rebellious,
and wretched.

Oh, the depth of the riches of the mercy of God!

Mercy surpassing all wonders!

Mercy boundless as the heavens!

Mercy vast as eternity!

How great should be our gratitude to Him,
who by the costly price of His blood has
ransomed us from an eternity of woe!

May we never cease, while passing through
the wilderness of earth, to extol in sweetest
songs the wonders of redeeming love!