The saddest picture of man's malignity!

(Henry Law, "Psalms")

"My enemies surround Me like a herd of bulls;
 fierce bulls of Bashan have hemmed Me in!
 Like roaring lions attacking their prey, they
 come at Me with open mouths." Ps. 22:12-13

We return in spirit to the cross.

The dying Jesus looks around; multitudes encircle
Him. With open mouth ferociously they assault Him.
Throughout the mass there is no sign of pity; all
hearts seem dead to common feelings of humanity;
they show the properties of the wildest beasts;
they are savage as the untamed bull; they thirst
for blood as the devouring lion.

This is the saddest picture of man's malignity!

What frightful fury raged against Jesus, the perfect
model of holiness and love! His only offense was
that He walked this earth as God.

We see what man is when no grace restrains.

If we love Jesus, whom the world thus hated, let us
give praise to God's Grace, which causes us to differ.