Listen! He calls you!

(Richard Baxter, "The Saints' Everlasting Rest")

Then the King will say to those on the right,
"Come, you who are blessed by My Father,
 inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from
 the foundation of the world." Matthew 25:34

See how the Judge smiles on you; there is love
in His looks; the titles of Redeemer, Husband,
King, are written in His friendly, shining face.

Listen! He calls you! He invites you to stand
on His right hand. Fear not, for that is where
He sets His sheep.

He takes you by the hand, the door is open,
the kingdom is His and therefore yours. There
is your place before His throne. The Father
receives you as the spouse of His Son, and
bids you welcome. Ever so unworthy, you
must be crowned. This was the purpose of
free redeeming grace, the climax of eternal
love. O blessed grace! O wonderful love!

This is that joy which was purchased by sorrow.

This is that crown which was bought by the cross.

Jesus wept, that now my tears might be wiped away.

He bled, that I might now rejoice.

He was forsaken, that I might have this fellowship.

He then died, that I might now live.

O free mercy, that can exalt so unworthy a sinner!

Free to me, though costly to Christ!