God's knife!

(Henry Law, "Comfort for Mourners")

"Every branch that does bear fruit He prunes
 so that it will be even more fruitful." John 15:2

God's knife is sharp, but it removes encumbering
branches. The process is not purposeless.

Lasting impressions come from heavy blows.

These rigid means are now astir . . .
  to wean you from the world, whose ways are death;
  to unmask the hollow treachery of 'creature charms';
  to expose the utter vanity of earth's delights.

The lesson is now taught, that all is 'fleeting
emptiness' apart from God. He, and He only, is . . .
  the unfailing portion;
  a cup of overflowing joy;
  a garden in which calm happiness is
ever blooming, ever fragrant, ever new.