What beauty have we that the King can desire?

(Havergal, "Daily Thoughts for the King's Children")

"So shall the King greatly desire your beauty."
     Psalm 45:11.

Can this be for us? What beauty have we that
the King can desire?
For the more we have seen
of His beauty, the more we have seen of our own
utter ugliness.

What, then, can He see?
'My loveliness which I have put upon you.'
'The beauty of the Lord our God upon us.'
'He will beautify the meek with salvation.'

And so the desire of the King is set upon us.

Perhaps we have had the dreary idea, 'Nobody
wants me!' We never need grope in that gloom
again, when the King Himself desires us! This
desire is love active, love in glow, love going
forth, love delighting and longing. It is taking
pleasure in His people; delighting in them; willing
that they should be with Him where He is; with
Him now, with Him always. It is the love that
does not and will not endure separation; the
love that cannot do without its object.

Now, if we take the King at His word, and really
believe that He thus desires us, can we possibly
remain cold hearted and indifferent to Him?

Oh, look straight away at His love and His desire!
Think of Jesus actually wanting you, really desiring
your love, not satisfied with all the love of all the
angels unless you love Him too; needing that little
drop to fill His cup of joy!