Here, and here alone

(J. C. Philpot)

Standing then at the cross of our adorable Lord,
we may see . . .
  the law thoroughly fulfilled,
  its curse fully endured,
  its penalties wholly removed,
  sin eternally put away,
  the justice of God amply satisfied,
  all His perfections gloriously harmonized,
  reconciliation completely effected,
  redemption graciously accomplished,
  and the church everlastingly saved.

Here, and here alone, we see sin in its blackest
colors, and holiness in its most attractive beauties.

Here, and here alone, we see the love of God
in its tenderest form, and the anger of God in
its deepest expression.

Here, and here alone, we see the eternal and
unalterable displeasure of the Almighty against sin,
and the rigid demands of His inflexible justice, and
yet the tender compassion and boundless love of
His heart to the election of grace.

Here, and here alone, are obtained pardon and peace.

Here, and here alone, penitential grief and
godly sorrow flow from heart and eyes.

Here, and here alone, is . . .
  sin subdued and mortified,
  holiness communicated,
  death vanquished,
  Satan put to flight, and
  happiness and heaven begun in the soul.

What a holy meeting-place for repenting sinners
and a sin-pardoning God! What a healing-place
for guilty, yet repenting and returning backsliders!
What a door of hope in the valley of Achor for the
self-condemned and self-abhorred! What a safe
for seeking souls! And what a blessed
for the whole family of grace
in this valley of grief and sorrow.