What is it that is drawing you to Heaven?

Reader! if you are looking forward to taking
your place as a worshiper in the upper Sanctuary,
the same Divine Being who will form the center
and focus of your bliss there, should form the
center and substance of your happiness here.

Test the reality of your hopes by this. What is
it that is drawing you to Heaven? Is it some
dreamy indefinite idea of material splendor?
Is it a place of exemption from sorrow and
suffering, where every wish is satisfied, and
the very fountain of tears is dried? This may
be, and doubtless will be, all true.

But are its Mansions desirable, because they
are the dwelling place of your God?  If at
this moment it were divested of all its other
attractions, would it be enough to know that
"God shall be with them and be their God?"