In that region of unsullied happiness

(Thomas Reade, "Christian Experience")

The Good Shepherd guides His flock in safety
to the fold above. He alone can strengthen us
for the trials of the way. He alone can support
us under the last conflict with sin and death.

The stream through which we shall have to pass
may be tempestuous, but its waves shall not be
allowed to overwhelm us. Jesus will carry us in
His bosom, and, through His faithfulness and
will safely land us on the heavenly shore.

And oh! what bliss will await us there!

No eye has seen, nor ear has heard, no heart has
conceived, the glory which shall be revealed in us,
as the ransomed of the Lord.

We shall be heirs of God! We shall posses Him as our
portion, who is the possessor of heaven and earth!

We shall be joint heirs with Christ!

Though now compassed about with infirmities,
we shall then be like the sun in his strength!

Though now allied to the dust, we shall
then be made kings and priests unto God!

We shall sit with Christ upon His throne, and
forever drink the living waters of purity and joy!

Our toils will there be exchanged for rest.

In that region of unsullied happiness...
  Satan cannot reach us;
  wicked men cannot harm us;
  grief cannot distress us;
  sin cannot defile us.

The day will forever shed its brightness over
us, for the Lamb will be our everlasting light,
and our God our glory.

We shall then be made like unto Jesus, and
shall follow Him, as the trophies of His victory,
wherever He goes.

O! transporting thought, to be made like unto Jesus!

This will form the most blessed ingredient in the
happiness of heaven. The glorious image of Christ
will never be defaced, but the beautiful lines of the
new creature will forever shine in the perfection of
beauty, to the praise of redeeming love.

Here on earth, we are struggling with imperfection,
infirmity, and sin. But there, the happy spirit, disengaged
from every weight, will ascend, with lightsome wing, to
the bosom of its God and Savior!

When we come into that happy world above, to be
clothed in the white attire of innocence, it will be
impossible for one evil thought to slide into our minds.

In that region of perfection there will be...
  perfect light in our understandings;
  perfect rectitude in our wills;
  perfect purity in our affections.

In heaven, we shall enjoy eternal communion with
God. He will reveal Himself in all the splendor of
His glory, in all the fullness of His love.

There, with fullness of grace in our hearts, with
diadems of glory on our heads, and with the high
praises of God upon our tongues, we shall surround
His throne, and shall reign with Him forever and ever!

Thus our bliss will be perpetual; it will be an Eternal Joy!

"Salvation to our God, who sits upon the throne, and to the Lamb!"