Some of you will be cast into the furnace!

"Practical Directions How to Grow in Grace and Make
Progress in Piety"  Archibald Alexander (1772-1851)

For your more rapid growth in grace, some of you
will be cast into the furnace of affliction. Sickness,
bereavement, bad conduct of children and relatives,
loss of property or of reputation, may come upon you
unexpectedly and press heavily on you.

In these trying circumstances, exercise patience and
fortitude. Be more solicitous to have the affliction
sanctified, than removed.

Glorify God while in the fire of adversity. That faith
which is most tried is commonly most pure and precious.

Learn from Christ how you ought to suffer.

Let perfect submission to the will of God be aimed at.

Never indulge a murmuring or discontented spirit.

Repose with confidence on the promises.

Commit all your cares to God.

Make known your requests to Him by prayer.

Let go your too eager grasp of the world.

Become familiar with death and the grave.

Wait patiently.