This my Friend!

(Havergal, "Daily Thoughts for the King's Children")

"The King shall be his friend."  Proverbs 22:11

"You are My friends." John 15:14

Who has not longed for an ideal and yet a real friend . . .
  one who would exactly understand us,
  one whom we could tell everything,
  one in whom we could altogether confide,
  one who would be very wise and very true,
  one of whose love and unfailing interest we could be certain,
  one who would be very near and dear,
  one who would be always with us,
  one who would be always thinking of us,
  one who would be always doing kind and wonderful things for us;
  one who would undertake and manage everything for us;
  one who would forget nothing,
  one who would fail in nothing;
  one who would never change and never die.

Such is our Royal Friend, and more!

We, even we, may look up to our glorious
King, and say, "He is altogether lovely. This
is my Beloved, this my Friend!" Song 5:16