Where did God find you?

(MacDuff, "Words of Comfort to the Christian Pilgrim")

"He found him in a desert land, and in the waste
howling wilderness. He led him about, He instructed
him, He kept him as the apple of His eye." Deut. 32:10

Christian! see here an emblem of yourself.

Where did God find you?  He found you in "a
desert land, and in the waste howling wilderness."

Yes, earth with all its loveliness and beauty is a
desert place, until the sinner has been found by God.
There is much, it is true, to attract the eye and to
gratify the sense; but fair and lovely though it be,
in a moral and spiritual view it is "a desert land."

The soul can find in it no sustenance, and no refuge
in this desert. In this "waste howling wilderness," he
is surrounded, on every side, by dangers; and exposed
to countless perils.

But, oh! it is a blessed thing to know, that God seeks
out, and finds the wanderer, in the desert; and, when
He has found him, "He leads him," not always by a direct
path, to the promised land, but by a circuitous route,
and in the right way, to "a city with eternal foundations,
a city designed and built by God."

Reader! has God permitted you to encounter the sharp
stroke of affliction? Has He taken from you the earthly
prop, upon which you were used to lean all too fondly?

Remember! God is leading you! These unexpected trials;
these heart rending bereavements; are just so many
turnings in your pilgrimage. No thorn has been scattered
on your path, but what is common to the one family of God.
The Shepherd is leading you, as all the flock are led, with
a skillful hand, and in the right way.

He "instructs us" in . . .
  His love, and faithfulness, and goodness;
  our own weakness, and His all sufficiency;
  our impotence, and His omnipotence;
  our corruption, and His grace;
  our own frailty, and His steadfastness;
  our unbelief, and His unwavering faithfulness to His word.

Mark the believer's security, "He keeps him as
the apple of His eye." Such is God's watchful
guardianship over His saints; such His unceasing

Yes! humble, unknown, obscure believer; dwelling
in a lowly cottage, in some sequestered glen, far
removed from the hum of human voice or occupation,
if only you can say of God, that He is your reconciled
Father, you are more to be envied than princes of the
earth, for you are in possession of a blessedness, such as . . .
  no monarch can bestow,
  no wealth can purchase,
  no earthly power procure.

Be sure that God, even your God, does not, for
a solitary instant, forget or overlook you! Your most
trivial actions are not without interest in His sight.
Not a hair falls to the ground without your Father.
He orders all things, for the discipline of your soul,
to prepare you for the glories and the blessings of

God has found you!
God is leading you!
God is instructing you!

Oh, then, leave to Him to choose your path in life!

As you stand upon the cloudless summits of the
heavenly Zion, welcomed by angelic bands, greeted
with the loud hosannas of the redeemed, methinks
this will prove the theme of your song, "He found
me in a desert land, and in the waste howling
wilderness. He led me about, He instructed me,
He kept me as the apple of His eye." Deut. 32:10

"Is this the way, my Father?" "Yes, my child.
You must pass through the tangled, dreary wild,
If you would reach the City undefiled,
    Your peaceful home above."

"But enemies are round!" "Yes, child, I know
That where you least expect you will find a foe,
But victor you shall prove o'er all below,
    Only seek strength above."

"My Father, it is dark!" "Child, take my hand;
Cling close to Me; I'll lead you through the land;
Trust My all seeing care; so shall you stand
    Midst glory bright above."

"My footsteps seem to slide!"
"Child, only raise
Your eye to Me, then in these slippery ways
I will hold up your goings; you shall praise
    Me for each step above."

"O Father, I am weary!" "Child, lean your head
Upon My breast; it was My love that spread
Your rugged path; hope on still, until I have said,
    Rest; rest forever above."