One incessant fight!

(Henry Law, "Numbers" 1858)
The life of faith is one incessant fight.
Beneath the cross, a sword is drawn, of
which the scabbard is cast far away. Until
the victor's crown is won, unflinching
must go on. The foes are . . .

They meet us, at each step.

They lurk in every corner.

They infest our public walk.

They enter our closed doors.

They are outside; around; within.

Count, if you can, the hateful legions
who compose hell's hosts. They all rush
at the soul.

Survey the WORLD . . .
  its snares,
  its foul seductions,
  its enticing arts,
  its siren calls,
  its smiles,
  its venomed sneers,
  its terrifying threats.
Each in its turn assails; and each,
when foiled, renews the assault.

Behold the HEART, and all its brood
of lusts and raging passions.
How often it betrays!
How often it deceives!

Believer go forth in hope! You have a Captain,
by whose side no battle can be lost; beneath
whose banner, no warrior was ever slain.

Face all your foes.

Grasp manfully your sword.

Use skillfully your shield.

Lift up the head, safe in salvation's helmet.

Shout boldly your great Leader's name.

The fight will soon be over.

The victor's song will soon be on your lips!