Yes, Father

(MacDuff, "Memories of Gennesaret" 1887)

Here is the secret of strength in encountering
our seasons of trial and difficulty: the conviction
that our times are in the hands of God; thus
leading to complete and entire subordination
of our wills to His.

How it would disarm affliction and bereavement
of their bitterest stings if we were enabled to
give as the history of our darkest dispensations:
"This is my heavenly Father's will. This hour has
come as the hour appointed by His loving Wisdom."

The Christian, like his Lord, is able to view
every occurrence as emanating from . . .
   a Hand of infinite love,
   a Mind of infinite wisdom, and
   a Will of infinite faithfulness.

Every phase in his history; every step in his
pilgrimage; its most trifling incidents and
circumstances; are Divinely appointed.

Feeling that he is under this kind and gracious
guardianship, he resolves his own will into the
will of the Supreme One! All that concerns him
is a part of a vast harmonious plan.

The future (mazy, dark, mysterious,) is fully
known to the One who sees the end from the
beginning; educing good out of apparent evil;
and order out of apparent confusion.

Even when a cross looms gloomily on his path,
he breathes with unmurmuring lips, "Yes, Father,
for this was Your good pleasure." Matthew 11:26

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