He found their hearts estranged from Him

(Henry Law, "Gleanings from the Book of Life")

Jesus loves His people with everlasting love,
and has inscribed their names upon His heart.

He has received them as the jewels of His
crown, the signet ring upon His right hand.

He delights over them as a bridegroom over
his spouse.

He knew that another master had obtained
usurped dominion over them; He encountered
this foe, and rescued them from his cruel
grasp. So they became His by conquest.

He found them poor and wretched and
, and He wrought out a glorious robe
of righteousness to adorn them for His palace.

He knew that their debts were many. He laid down
His life and shed His blood to satisfy each demand.

He found their hearts estranged from Him, and
their affections given to the poor baubles of this
fleeting world. He sent His Holy Spirit to create
new hearts within them, to win their love, to lead
them to choose Him as their all forever. Thus they
became His by voluntary surrender.