We get entangled with some idol

(J. C. Philpot)

Wherever the grace of God is, it constrains its
partaker to desire to live to His honor and glory.

But he soon finds the difficulty of so doing.
Such is . . .
  the weakness of the flesh,
  the power of sin,
  the subtlety of Satan,
  the strength of temptation, and
  the snares spread on every side for our feet,
that we can neither do what we want, nor be
what we want. Before we are well aware, we
get entangled with some idol
, or drawn aside
into some indulgence of the flesh, which brings
darkness into the mind, and may cut us out
some bitter work for the rest of our days.

But we thus learn not only the weakness of the
flesh, but where and in whom all our strength lies.

And as the grace of the Lord Jesus, in its suitability,
in its sufficiency and its super-aboundings, becomes
manifested in and by the weakness of the flesh; a
sense of His wondrous love and care in so bearing
with us, in so pitying our case, and manifesting mercy
where we might justly expect wrath, constrains us
with a holy obligation to walk in His fear and to live
to His praise.