When You shall enlarge my heart.

(Philpot, "Divine Enlargement and Spiritual Obedience")

"I will run the way of Your commandments, when
 You shall enlarge my heart." Psalm 119:32

The Word of God is full of precepts, but we are totally
unable to perform them in our own strength. We cannot,
without divine assistance
, perform the precept . . .
  with a single eye to the glory of God,
  from heavenly motives, and
  in a way acceptable to the Lord,
without special power from on high.

We need a extraordinary power to be put forth in our
hearts, a special work of the Spirit upon the conscience,
in order to spiritually fulfill in the slightest degree, the
least of God's commandments.

None but the Lord Himself can enlarge the heart
of His people.
None but the Lord can expand their
hearts Godwards, and remove that narrowedness
and contractedness in divine things, which is the
plague and burden of a God fearing soul.

When the Lord is absent,
when He hides His lovely face,
when He does not draw near to visit and bless,
the heart contracts in its own narrow compass.

But when the Lord is pleased to favor the soul with His
own gracious presence, and bring Himself near to the
heart, His felt presence opens, enlarges, and expands
the soul, so as to receive Him in all His love and grace.