Treasure in earthen vessels

(Joseph Philpot, "Daily Portions")

"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels."
  2 Corinthians 4:7

Be not surprised if you feel that in yourself
you are but an earthen vessel; if you are made
deeply and daily sensible of your frail body.

Be not surprised . . .
  if your clay house is often tottering;
  if sickness sometimes assails your mortal tabernacle;
  if in your flesh there dwells no good thing;
  if your soul often cleaves to the dust; and
  if you are unable to retain a sweet sense
of God's goodness and love.

Be not surprised nor startled . . .
  at the corruptions of your depraved nature;
  at the depth of sin in your carnal mind;
  at the vile abominations which lurk and work
in your deceitful and desperately wicked heart.

Bear in mind that it is the will of God that this
heavenly treasure which makes you rich for
eternity, should be lodged in an earthen vessel.

We have ever to feel our native weakness, and
that without Christ we can do nothing; that we may
be clothed with humility, and feel ourselves the
chief of sinners, and less than the least of all saints.

We thus learn to prize the heights, breadths,
lengths, and depths of the love of Christ, who
stooped so low to raise us up so high!