The Creator of the universe
sleeps in a woman's arms!

(Horatius Bonar, "Family Sermons", 1867)

Go to Bethlehem. See yon infant!  It is God!
the Word made flesh.

Come, see the place where the young Child lay!

Look at the manger: there is the Lamb for the
burnt offering; the Lamb of God who takes away
the sin of the world.

See yon infant! The the highest is the lowest;
the eternal Word a babe; the Creator of the
universe sleeps in a woman's arms!
How low
he has become; how poor!

Those little tender hands shall yet be torn.

Those feet, that have not yet trod this
rough earth, shall be nailed to the tree.

That side shall yet be pierced by a Roman spear.

That back shall be scourged.

That cheek shall be buffeted and spit upon.

That brow shall be crowned with thorns.

And all for you!

Is not this love?

Is it not the great love of God?

And in this love is there not salvation,
and a kingdom, and a throne?