No cradle holds an innocent one!

(Henry Law, "Beacons of the Bible" 1869)

When evil fills the heart,
evil effects will soon appear.

From tainted sources, tainted waters flow.

The tree proclaims the qualities of its root.

When poison permeates the veins,
the whole body sickens.

The plague begun, spreads an infecting course.

When Adam fell, the inner man became entirely
corrupt. Now, corruption cannot but propagate

The parent reproduces his own likeness.

Hence every child is born in sin.

No cradle holds an innocent one!

Each offspring of the human
family steps upon earth . . .
  dead towards God;
  corrupt in inward bias;
  prone to iniquity.

He brings . . .
  no eye to see God's will;
  no ear to hear His voice;
  no feet to climb the heavenly hill.

He is . . .
  an alien from righteousness;
  a willing slave of Satan;
  blinded in intellect;
  a pilgrim towards a lost land;
  a vessel fitted for destruction;
  a current strongly rushing downwards.

His heart has many tenants; but God is no
longer there. The palace once so fair is now
overrun with weeds. Like Babylon in ruins,
wild beasts of the desert lie there, and the
houses are full of doleful creatures. Is. 13:21.

Reader, such surely is your birth state!

Has your soul realized the dreadful truth?

Do you abhor natural self?

Has the life giving Spirit quickened you with
renovating might? Are you a new creation in
Christ Jesus? If so, surely you will bless God's
rescuing grace. If otherwise, may this dark
picture scare you from delusion's dream!