The hard couch of sorrow

(Henry Law, "Gleanings from the Book of Life")

Then the Lord told Moses, "You can be sure I
have seen the misery of My people in Egypt.
I have heard their cries for deliverance from
their harsh slave drivers. Yes, I am concerned
about their suffering.
" Exodus 3:7

Exquisite tenderness melts in these words.

Assurance of compassion is most sweetly stated.

Let no believer faint in the hour of trial.

His feet may travel in affliction's road.

He may be called to lie on the hard couch of sorrow.

Troubles may roll over him as wave upon wave.

But the eye of love ever watches him,
the heart of love ever throbs sympathetically for him,
the ear of love ever listens to his cry,
the hand of love will in due season be outstretched to help him.

The patient sufferer will sing with David, "He led
me to a place of safety; He rescued me because
He delights in me." Psalm 18:19