Why do our hearts grow so cold?

(Winslow, "Love at the Foot of the Cross")

Beloved, why do our hearts grow so
cold in their affections towards Jesus?

The influence of the world will chill it!

The encroachments of temporal engagements
upon the study of God's Word and the devout
transactions of the closet, will chill it.

The society of cold, worldly professors will chill it.

Unfitting levity of spirit will chill it.

Trifling with sin will chill it.

Carnal pursuits will chill it.

An idolatrous love of the creature will chill it.

Fretting against the Lord, murmuring at His
dealings, rebellion against His authority and
chastenings, will chill it.

Alas! how much there is to produce deep and
sad declension in the love of our hearts to the
Lord. How easily its warm, flowing current
chills and congeals!

Oh that our hearts should so soon grow cold
in their affections towards Him whose love to
us is ever so warm, who ransomed us from
hell with His own heart's blood!

Let shame and confusion of face cover us.
Let deep humiliation, tender, holy contrition,
prostrate us beneath the cross, that we should
for one moment gaze coldly upon so divine and
gracious, so lovely and precious a Redeemer!