We chase it like a bubble in the air!

(Whitmore Winslow, written at the age of 14)

What could the Christian do in a poor world
like this if he had not Christ for his Friend?

Truly is he often seeking other friends, but
God will make him know, by sad yet blessed
experience, that there is no friend like Jesus;
and that while other friends are fickle and
changeable, He changes not.

Oh that we followed not this poor world as we do!

We chase it like a bubble in the air, and with
all its apparent beauty, it fades into nothing!

But oh, when we taste the preciousness of Jesus,
what a heavenly morsel it is! It raises our drooping
spirits to contemplate the joy that awaits us in
another world, the happiness that is laid up for
us above, the glory that will crown the final end
our weary pilgrimage through a dying and
unsatisfying world.