The heathen deity of CHANCE?

(MacDuff, "A Chapter in Providence and Grace")

God's providence extends to all the minute and
trifling occurrences of life. Have nothing to do with
the heathen deity of CHANCE.

He who wheels the planets in their courses,
marks the sparrow's fall.

Events, often apparently trivial and unimportant;
what the world calls 'accidents', form really and truly
the mighty levers of life, altering and revolutionizing
our whole future.

Let us rejoice in the simple but sublime assurance
that all that happens is ordered for us. It is for us
to know, and to rejoice in the knowledge, that every
event is in the hands of the Savior who died for us,
and who has given us this mightiest proof and pledge
of dying love, that all things (even the most
mysterious) are working together for our good.