Utter beggary and complete bankruptcy

(Joseph Philpot)

"O visit me with your salvation." Psalm 106:4

Salvation only suits the condemned, the lost.
A man must be lost; utterly lost; before he
can prize God's salvation.

And how is he lost?  By . . .
  losing all his religion,
  losing all his righteousness,
  losing all his strength,
  losing all his confidence,
  losing all his hopes,
  losing all that is of the flesh;
losing it by its being taken from him,
and stripped away by the hand of God.

A man who is brought into this state of
utter beggary and complete bankruptcy
. . .
  to be nothing,
  to have nothing,
  to know nothing;
he is the man, who is . . .
  and praying

for God's salvation to his soul.

"O visit me with your salvation." Psalm 106:4