This baffles all our comprehension!

(John MacDuff, "Clefts of the Rock" 1874)

"So the Word became human and lived
 here on earth among us." John 1:14

What a transition!

What a stoop for that Infinite Being who proclaimed
Himself the Alpha and the Omega; for "The Ancient
of days" to assume the nature and take the form of
a cradled infant, sleeping on a virgin mother's breast!

We have no plumb line to sound the depths of that
humiliation. We have no arithmetic by which it can
be submitted to any process of calculation.

If we can entertain for a moment the shocking
supposition of the loftiest created spirit in heaven
abjuring his angel nature, and becoming an insect
or a worm; we can, in some feeble degree, estimate
the descent involved in the transformation.

But, for the Illimitable, Everlasting Jehovah,
Himself to become incarnate . . .
  the Creator, to take the nature of the created;
  the Infinite, to be joined with the finite;
  Deity, to be linked with dust;
this baffles all our comprehension!

We can only lie in adoring reverence, and
exclaim with the apostle, "O the depth!"

"Wonder, O heavens, and be astonished, O earth!"